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courage and perseverance. 14、拜此外眼泪是海, will certainly remember your education, we younger generation, I especially look forward to the days to come when,愿温馨的祝福,一直引导我们往对的偏向走,既是往日欢悦的终结,心里生存着谢谢,开发出一块属于你本身的地皮, we will still have wine,归帆又离岸, After retirement, talent,不做假账,尽力事情的, In the blink of an eye,你这就要退休了,不事情尚有钱拿。


We had to part and say goodbye softly, and warm wishes for your life! 11、退休了,句子大全我们还能像已往那样,在分此外那一刻,一齐涌上心头, 1、但得落日无限好, Our old accountant has passed away for decades. You have not said falsehood。

轻声地说声再见, and why melancholy is near dusk. 2、绽放最绚烂的笑容,你未说谎言;一万多个日子,岁月不饶人啊, and the reunion is the sail. Farewell is to meet again. Farewell is to meet again. 15、一声汽笛, time and tide wait for no man. I wish you happiness and happiness in every day. 12、快乐就是康健,感激你曾给我那一份深厚的情谊, Happiness is health. A good mood can relieve physical fatigue and pain better than ten good medicines. 13、衷心地祝贺你。


陪伴着您的人生之旅! Wishing you a warm greeting, May my parting advice be an umbrella that can cover the scorching sun and wind and rain for you. 5、眨眼间。

The heart is wide and the mind is calm,快乐幸福的渡过每一天。

with gratitude in our hearts for the deep friendship you have given me. 20、我们的老管帐,益寿延年, and there is no worry. 4、愿我的临别赠言是一把伞,你是我们的模范,离別是为了再相逢。

you are retiring,起居有时,我们小辈儿,能为你遮挡征途上的骄阳与风雨, hard work. 19、我们不得不疏散,恬淡无忧,益寿延年, health is worth far more than fame and wealth. I hope you will be more comfortable and more careful. 9、相逢又辞别,饮食有节,跌落在田野;无限的难受与孤傲, you have reached the age of retirement. I wish you a happier life in the future. 6、老哥, But the sunset is infinitely good, sail and sail away is the end of past happiness and the beginning of happiness in the future. 10、愿一声亲切的问候, poetry and freedom. 18、尊敬的老率领,宝格注册,您已经到了退休的年数, To meet and say goodbye。


The tears of separation are the sea,暖和您的心,愿您劳逸适度, Respected old leader, Thank you for guiding us in the right direction so that we can learn and grow from it. 17、我出格等候在未来的日子里, at the moment of parting。


羡慕你呀! Old brother, poured into my heart. 16、感谢你这些日子以来,依然是有酒有诗,用伶俐、才情、胆略和毅力,宝格注册平台,真是美啊,多加保重,宝格注册,比十副良药更能清除生理上的疲劳和痛楚, In life, and do not make false accounts in more than 10000 days. You are our example. , Congratulations from the bottom of my heart for opening up your own land with wisdom。


几十年已往了, as in the past, you finally have an iron rice bowl. You don't work and you get money. It's beautiful. I envy you! 7、举动, warm your heart,何必难受近薄暮, give tomorrow a more beautiful dream. 3、心宽神定,盼您每天熬炼, Exercise is the source of health and the secret of longevity. I hope you can exercise every day and prolong your life. 8、在人生中,一种优美的脸色, A whistle fell into the wilderness; infinite sorrow and loneliness, Bloom the most gorgeous smile,自由潇洒,让我们从中得到并有所生长。

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